Get back to being you, only better.

Monash University Malaysia cares about your wellbeing and has partnered up with Naluri, a digital care provider, to provide comprehensive physical and mental health support. Naluri brings together digital transformation tools and an entire team of professional coaches to help you achieve your healthiest and best self.

Holistic Health Right At Your Fingertips


Connect with Professional Coaches

Chat with our range of professional health coaches: from psychologists, dietitians, medical advisors, pharmacists to fitness and even financial coaches. These are real people behind the screens that you can easily reach out to.


Digital Health Tools

Stay on track with your health with features like the Thought Journal, Food Journal, Naluri planner, and many more.


Educational Interactive Modules

Discover comprehensive self-guided educational modules that cover mental readiness, exercise, stress management, and self-care.


Device Connectivity

Connect your Bluetooth weighing scale, blood sugar, and blood pressure monitor to the app to track your progress automatically.

Available Support Whenever You Need It


24/7 Emotional Wellbeing Careline

If you are feeling down and need someone to talk to, call a certified counsellor. Naluri's team of professional counsellors is available 24/7.


Dietitian Helpline

Speak to a registered dietitian to get personalised nutrition advice and healthy food alternatives based on your individual needs and preferences.

Mon - Fri: 10AM - 4PM


Educational Resources

Tap into Naluri's wealth of resources covering a range of health topics including mental health, career and workplace, diet and exercise, and COVID-19.

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